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About Us
As the nation's largest not-for-profit long-term care organization, our mission is to share God's Love in word and deed by providing shelter and supportive services to older persons and others in need, believing that "In Christ's Love, Everyone Is Someone". Locations: Good Samaritan Society - National Campus 4800 W 57th Street SF, SD 57117 Good Samaritan Society - Communities of Sioux Falls 3901 S Marion Road SF, SD 57106 Phone: 605-361-3311
We offer great benefits, in addition to a competitive wage that credits you for your applicable work experience. Employees who are scheduled to work 60 hours or more in a bi-weekly pay period are eligible for our insurance benefits of health, dental, vision, life and tax-free spending accounts + earn Paid Time Off (PTO). We also offer limited Medical and Dental benefits for staff who choose to work less than 60 hrs a pay period! ** Tax Free Spending Accounts - Flexible Spending Program (HFSA) Allows an employee to set aside pretax dollars every pay period to pay for healthcare expenses (including over the counter medications) and/or dependent care expenses. There is a 2 - month carry-over into the new calendar year for the HFSA- this means that if you have money left over at the end of the year, you could access the funds for expenses incurred January 1 through March of the following year. For employees who average over 20 hours a week (1,000 hours per year): Pension Plan: Company-paid retirement benefit for employees with 3+ years of service and who work at least 1,000 hours each year. All employees are eligible to participate in the following benefit programs: Savings Plan 403(b) Individual tax-deferred retirement savings plan available with investment options. Employee Assistance Program- EAP (Best Care): Short-term counseling provided free to employees through a National EAP. EAP provides education, assistance, and confidential counseling with licensed professionals. Other Benefits at the Good Samaritan Communities of Sioux Falls: Good Samaritan Society offers employees an opportunity to join its federal credit union, student loan payback programs, and its own special Employee Assistance Fund. Additionally, Good Samaritan provides workers' compensation insurance, social security benefits, retirement plans, paid time off, premium pay for holidays, on-the-job training, nurse aide certification classes paid for by the facility, medication aide certification classes also paid for by the facility, NO rotating shifts for staff, and casual day (jeans) on Fridays! Plus a job at the Good Samaritan Communities of Sioux Falls provides the intangible benefits of a friendly, Christian working environment and the personal satisfaction that comes from a job at which you make a positive impact in the lives of others. For more information on these and other benefits of employment at Good Samaritan Communities of Sioux Falls, contact Human Resources at 605-361-3311. Feel free to visit our Good Samaritan Society website: for further information about becoming a Good Samaritan employee and to review job opportunities throughout the United States. Please note: The information provided herein is only a summary of the benefit plans. Detailed information is provided at enrollment. In the event of any contradiction between the group insurance information appearing in this document and the Society's summary plan documents or master insurance contracts, the master contracts/documents shall govern in all cases. Good Samaritan reserves the right to require or increase employee premium contributions toward any benefits at its discretion. Good Samaritan also reserves the right to change the benefit package at any time.