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About Us
When you work at Farmers, you work with some pretty special people: Farmers people. Who are we? And what sets us apart from the rest? We describe ourselves as members of a values-based, performance-driven learning organization. And what does that mean? It means that, whatever we do, and whomever we serve, there’s always something we can learn that will help us excel. And, we rely upon a common set of values to guide our every action. Farmers people know what our values are: they’re a set of standards that we believe in and operate from. We know why we’re here, and we live that purpose every day.

Our values:

Integrity: To maintain the highest of ethical and professional standards and accountability for our performance. To be a company always known for doing the right things for the right reasons.

Respect: To treat people with dignity and value their contributions. To earn the respect of our peers, regulators, rating agencies and the public.

Courage: To go where no one else has gone. To risk failure. To say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done. To always be engaged and an active participant.

Achievement: To have the urgency and adaptability to achieve great results for ourselves and the team. To go the extra mile. To contribute fully, day in and day out, to the success of our team and the company.

Curiosity and Action: To demonstrate a passion for what we do by constantly questioning the status quo and taking action to innovate and improve.

Who joins the Farmers team?

  • Graduates of accredited colleges and universities.
  • People looking for new career opportunities – who may have insurance industry experience, or who may come from other industries in which outstanding customer service is crucial.