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Employer: Edgebrook Care Center
Location: Edgerton, MN 56128
Employment Type: Employee Full Time
Provides care to assigned residents in a caring, safe and efficient manner; and is responsible to perform the following according to Good Samaritan mission, center/campus standards, procedures and individualized resident care plans:

A. Resident Care:
Assists with formulating a plan of care for residents in pertinent area. Provides nursing care to residents according to physician orders and regulations. Updates plan of care when needed.
B. Resident Rights:
Safeguards residents’ property. Maintains residents’ self-esteem, privacy and confidentiality of personal information adhering to HIPAA guidelines. Provides residents with opportunities for independence and choice consistent with their care plans. Assists to maintain safe, pleasant, orderly resident living areas.
C. Communication:
Observes and documents observations and care given to residents. Assures physicians are notified and orders are processed. Receives and shares information; observes and reports residents’ conditions. Responds promptly to resident call lights. Directs and assists with resident, family/significant other education. Notifies family on condition changes etc.
D. Safety:
Responds appropriately to emergency needs in the center (choking, falls, convulsions, fire and disaster situations etc.). Demonstrates safe use of oxygen, lifts and all other equipment; utilizes good body mechanics during all transfers and other physical tasks. Notifies maintenance and other appropriate staff of problems.
E. Infection Control:
Handles linens properly and disposes of soiled linens, clothing or supplies in adherence to regulations and guidelines. Uses standard precautions by using personal protective equipment and observes transmission guidelines, washes hands between resident cares. Reports / assures timely follow up of signs / symptoms of resident infections.

Supervisory Responsibilities (common to all nurses):
Demonstrates understanding of the work of positions supervised; assigns daily work clearly, gives staff authority to complete. Updates staff on changes in work or workplace.

Provide Guidance:
Monitors staff performance daily and gives informal daily feedback and structured weekly feedback. Observes resident care and corrects staff as needed, educating on proper procedures. Includes, but is not limited to the direction and monitoring of medication aides. Completes and shares performance appraisals on a timely basis.

Develop Staff:
Trains new staff / assures new employees are being oriented well; provides retraining when needed, either personally or assuring the appropriate person provides the training. Encourages employees’ participation in staff meetings, in-services, and educational opportunities.

Motivate Staff:
Provides recognition to employees who perform their duties correctly or go the extra mile; encourages others to improve performance. Encourages employees to take on new challenges. Asks employees to help formulate solutions to problems in the work place.

Support Staff:
Listens/serves as a resource and advocate for work problems, equipment, and supply needs and employee complaints; listens in a caring manner and directs staff to resources for personal crises and problems. Inquires daily as to how the day is going, checks to see if staff have what they need to do the job. Encourages staff; asks and invites involvement and feedback from staff.

Correct Staff:
Confronts and counsels employees when they need to make changes in behavior or performance and documents; follows up to assure desired change occurs. Informs director of nursing about any employee behavior or performance concerns.

Other Areas of Responsibility – Common to all Employees:

Resident Care:
Accommodates residents’ needs through responding appropriately to residents’ verbal / nonverbal expressions of needs. Assures residents’ spiritual needs are met by willing employees (self or others).

Resident Rights:
Assures residents rights are protected and that all residents, families / significant others are made aware of resident rights. Reports all incidents of resident abuse immediately. Complies with HIPAA privacy rules.

Communication and Documentation:
Assists residents in meeting their social needs through interaction with staff, family and other residents. Seeks clarification of assignments and asks questions when needed. Expresses ideas clearly, concisely and effectively both orally and in writing. Requests ongoing feedback on task performance. Completes documentation as assigned. Listens effectively, shares work-related information with appropriate staff members. Keeps supervisor informed.

Interpersonal Skills:
Is tolerant of others’ work styles and works with team members, supervisor and others in a helpful, respectful, courteous and effective manner. Volunteers assistance to co-workers as time permits or as directed. Respects and encourages diversity in the workplace. Resolves interpersonal conflict with co-workers directly and privately and seeks supervisor assistance as necessary. Responds to the exercise of authority or corrective action in a tactful manner. Follows chain of command as appropriate when reporting issues or concerns.

Commitment to Customer Service:
Listens and responds appropriately to residents’ requests for assistance. Smiles, is helpful, refers and/or directs customers to appropriate department to ensure that questions or needs are answered. Maintains positive relationships, uses courtesy and diplomacy with residents’ friends, family members, visitors and external contacts. Uses proper phone etiquette when conducting center/campus business.

Maintains safe work practices and follows center/campus safety procedures; includes checking equipment before use, operating equipment safely and following safe and proper techniques for chemical / cleaning solution use; and follows center/campus emergency procedures.

Infection Control:
Follows center/campus infection control procedures, including using appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment); demonstrates consistent and appropriate hand-washing techniques. Follows procedure for employee illness.

Understands the Society’s Compliance program and standards as set forth in the Society’s Job Description and Performance Feedback system and compliance roadmap. Understands that failure to meet the Code of Ethics and other standards can result in corrective action, including possible termination. Understands and follows the Society’s policies regarding kickbacks and inducements. Avoids giving or receiving gifts to or from residents or their families.

Christian Communities of Care:
Expresses and understands work in relation to the Society’s Mission, Vision and Hallmark Values as demonstrated through Christian Communities of Care. Participates per choice in memorial services, devotions, or other spiritual activities.
Other Basic Responsibilities:
1. Attendance: arrives on time for work and is ready to perform assigned tasks
2. Personal Hygiene / Appearance: meets center/campus hygiene, dress code and appearance standards
3. Time Management: prioritizes and complete work assignments within reasonable and agreed-upon timeframes
4. Conduct / Policies / Procedures: follows center/campus conduct standards and policies and procedures performing all work alcohol and drug free
5. In-Services / Training / Meetings: meets requirements for in-services, trainings, and meeting attendance per center/campus policy and state and federal requirements. Completes Leading With Spirit Training Courses on Supervision.
6. Continuous Quality Improvement: actively participates and works to identify innovations, and improve quality and work outcomes individually and as part of a team
7. Technology Skills: seeks to learn and utilize appropriate equipment and trends in technology
8. Professional Certification / Licensure / Standards: maintains required certification / qualifications and associated standards
Other: performs other related duties as assigned
Minimum Hiring Requirements Following are the minimum requirements to be hired into this job:
1. Knowledge: basic ability to communicate and comprehend; ability to measure and comprehend certain quantities; knowledge of basic nursing skills;
knowledge and familiarity with the therapeutic effects and side effects of all medications administered; graduate of an accredited school of nursing
2. Prior Experience: prior work experience in like or related position may be helpful
3. Basic Abilities: ability to meet the physical and mental abilities of the job as outlined in Part B of the Job Description (Physical and Mental Abilities Profile); (Reasonable accommodation for qualified disabilities will be considered by the employer on an individual basis as provided under the Americans with Disabilities Act.)
must be able to speak read and write in English and be able to articulate clearly and audibly
ability to meet conditions of employment applicable to the center/campus
4. Special Abilities / Training: licensure for state of practice is required; current CPR certification or ability to become certified in CPR within 180 days of hire

Contact Information

Edgebrook Care Center
Shanda Roskamp
505 Trosky Road West
Edgerton, MN 56128
Phone: 507-442-7121

Other Information

Category(s): Healthcare, Nursing
Industry: Healthcare / Health Services
Experience Req.: No
Degree Req.: Yes
Closing Date: 11/16/2012