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Madison Lawn Care, Inc.

About Us


Madison Lawn Care, Inc. is a professional lawn care company based out of
Madison and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We provide commercial, as well as,
residential property maintenance services, and are fully licensed and insured. 

Our company uses top of line equipment and upholds industry standards for all
of our services. We strive to provide excellent customer service with
reasonable rates. 

Madison Lawn Care offers complete lawn care services, landscaping services,
chemical treatments and full service snow removal in Madison & Sioux Falls,
SD, as well as many surrounding counties in Eastern South Dakota. 

Madison Lawn Care strives to exceed the industries standards and with
dedication and support from our customers, we are expanding geographically by
extending many of our services to reach residential, commercial and rural
customers in Madison, Salem, Howard, Wentworth, Colman, Chester, Colton, Lyons,
Dell Rapids, Baltic, Sioux Falls and Harrisburg


We are in search of motivated employees to join our snow removal, landscape, lawn care
& teams. We use top of the line equipment. There are full time and part time employment
opportunities in both Sioux Falls & Madison SD. 

At Madison Lawn Care, you will find career rewards – one lawn after another.
Our employees work hard to do what’s best for the customers and along the way
find many benefits for themselves. We know that the employees are the backbone
of our business, and it’s important that we take care of them just as they do
our customers. Our workforce members are critical to our success in reinventing
our customer experience and in helping us to become the industry leader we
strive to be. 

We have advancement opportunities and hope that you’ll consider joining us in
our journey, and in turn discover a career where you can be proud of the
success you achieve by doing things the right way for the customers -- and you.
Full time employees qualify for benefits and health insurance. 

COMPENSATION RATE: Starting rates $15 to $25 an hour for Snow Removal. Lawn Care Services starting rates are $14 to $20. Higher rates available
based upon experience and ability to operate equipment . 

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Madison Lawn Care, Inc.

Sioux Falls, SD

We are in search of motivated employees to join our large scale snow removal, landscape, lawn care &

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  • PO Box 89225
  • Sioux Falls, SD 57109