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Current Job Openings
About Us
At Empire Building Construction we are always looking for AWESOME people.  We have enormous aspirations for our company, and we know that we won't be able to reach our goals without top notch people. We take tremendous pride in our work, and we succeed together as a team.

After working for Empire, you'll find that we care more about our TEAM than our bottom dollar. We understand that our team members are our most valuable asset, and we communicate that through their paychecks and otherwise. We want our team members to have fun, and feel appreciated. If our team members can't honestly say "I love my job!", then we don't want them working here. Life is too short to be doing something everyday that you don't love.

If you're looking for place to work that has endless opportunities for advancement, APPLY TODAY!

You could start tomorrow!
-Job productivity bonuses in addition to your competitive hourly rate. 40K-60K per year depending on experience.
-Holiday Pay
-Vacation Pay
-Simple IRA/Retirement We match up to 3%!
-Health Insurance/Dental/Vision
-Year-Round Employment, No layoffs!
-Regular training and/or literature on becoming your best self. Company meetings, videos, articles, newsletters, etc. on improving all areas of your life!