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Assembly Supervisor - Madison, SD Print
Employer: Manitou Group
Location: Madison, SD 57042
Employment Type: Full Time

The Assembly Supervisor directs, supervises, and coordinates standardized assembly, rework, machinery setup, and related operations where a general knowledge of assembling techniques and semi-skilled applications are required.


Production Manager   


1. Responsible for product quality, workmanship, and methods application, economical manufacturing costs, production schedules, and general departmental administration consistent with the Company's manufacturing objectives and profit goals.

2. Plan operations, utilization of skills and man hours, material and work flow to assure timely production and quality standards.  Special emphasis to be placed upon planned manpower assembly line requirements.

3. Organize and assign work, provide adequate instructions, guide and otherwise assist employees in the performance of their work.

4. Anticipate production problems; e.g., unavoidable delays, material shortages, equipment malfunctions, etc.; and where feasible, devise and implement procedures to offset loss of man hours and schedule interruptions.

5. Diagnose tooling and equipment malfunctions, expedite and co-ordinate repairs or replacements to avoid excessive downtime.

6. Participate in and co-ordinate such programs as communications, employee placement, training and orientation, quality control, etc.

7. Police use of safety devices and equipment, general housekeeping, and maintain a constant alert for hazardous conditions and practices.

8. Co-ordinate inspection and quality control activities as they may be related to work in process.

9. Maintain an adequate and efficient workforce in accordance with skill requirements, work levels, and schedules, man hour and training programs.  Report shortages of such and needs to the Plant Superintendent.
10. Recognize and take corrective action in regard to absenteeism and tardiness problems.

11. Initiate recommendations for promotions, demotions, and merit increases.

12. Responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of reporting any problems or difficulties affecting the efficiency of the department.

13. Responsible for the proper and most efficient utilization of capital equipment such as tools, dies, a variety of machines, etc., and other supplies furnished by the Company.

14. Maintain conformance with work rules and regulations, issue warnings on violations, and administer approved disciplinary measures when necessary.
15. Participate in employee relations procedures at the prescribed level, administer contract provisions and Company policies governing employment to avoid breach of contract and maintain harmonious relations on the highest possible plane.

1. High school, vocational school graduate, or equivalent experience. Specialized courses or seminars in supervisory and administrative subjects beneficial.
2. Three to four years experience required to include time in related preparatory classifications to become familiar with products, methods, and techniques employed in assembly operations such being essential to qualify technically for supervisory responsibilities.
3. Attend training classes, special technical and administration courses, seminars, exhibits, and trade shows to keep abreast of and well informed on new developments pertinent to the operations supervised.

Contact Information

Manitou Group
915 SW 7th Street
Madison, SD 57042

Other Information

Category(s): Construction, Skilled Labor, Manufacturing
Industry: Manufacturing
Experience Req.: Yes
Degree Req.: No
Closing Date: 12/3/2018
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