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Church Business Administrator

Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Posted/Updated: 16 days ago

Job Description

General Conditions:

Holy Cross Lutheran Church (HCLC) is a Christian ministry in Sioux Falls and a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). HCLC is a community committed to nurturing the Christian faith of all generations of people so that they may know the love of Christ in their lives.

Persons employed by Holy Cross Lutheran Church must have a commitment to Christian service. However, Holy Cross Lutheran Church does not require, as a condition of employment, membership in or profession of a specific denominational theology.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan, administer, and direct all office administrative duties.
  • Plan, administer, and direct all human resource duties.
  • Plan, administer, and direct the media ministry support staff.
  • Plan, administer, and direct all MIS duties.
  • Plan, administer, and direct all facility management duties.
  • Provide leadership and coaching of all support staff.

Plan, administer, and direct all human resource duties:

• Work with the Senior Pastor, HCLC Personnel Team, and Executive Board to set and interpret policies for recruiting, hiring, terminating and evaluating all church staff.
• Administer the salary and wage program.
• Recommend salary increase and benefit adjustments to the HCLC Executive Board.
• Coordinate the timing of all annual performance reviews, along with conducting those for staff under their direct supervision.
• Oversee administrative and finance volunteers and ensure the effectiveness and relevance of their support.

Plan, administer, and direct all financial management duties:

• Work with the appropriate HCLC teams to:
o Conduct long-range financial planning.
o Be involved with various fundraising activities and follow all fundraising policies.
o Provide assistance to the annual stewardship drive with the HCLC Stewardship Team.
o Provide assistance with special fund drives, including capital campaigns.

• Provide timely financial reports to the Church Council, all boards, staff, and congregation.
• Provide assistance to the HCLC Finance Team and HCLC Endowment Team.
• Coordinate and develop the annual operating budgets.
• Supervise the HCLC finance staff.

Plan, administer, and direct all facility management duties:

• Provide assistance to the HCLC Property Team in their duties.
• Conduct long-range facility and property planning.
• Recommend and implement capital improvements.
• Coordinate construction and renovation activities.
• Collect and analyze request for facility, property, and equipment improvements.
• Direct facility maintenance and custodial activities.
• Acquire, manage usage, and assure maintenance of church equipment.
• Create and maintain a master calendar of events and building usage (including both HCLC’s events and outside group meetings at HCLC), along with making the calendar accessible to all staff.
• Administer all kitchen and food programs and activities.
• Supervise and support all facility staff positions.

Plan, administer, and direct all office administrative duties:

• Provide leadership and coaching of all support staff.
• Manage the purchase of HCLC office supplies to ensure that adequate inventory is on hand and that all expenditures are within the approved budget guidelines.
• Direct purchasing and accounts payable oversight.
• Maintenance and organization of all office files.
• Greeting and assisting office visitors.
• Answering and screening phone calls and assisting the caller when possible before transferring to other staff members.
• Administer all church insurance coverage.

Plan, administer, and direct all MIS duties:

• Direct all membership records activities.
• Direct all report generation and appropriate distribution.
• Ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and inter-connectivity of all information systems and computerized information.

Plan, administer, and direct the Media Ministry support staff:

• Provide leadership, coaching and direction any Media Ministry and Communications support staff.
• Serve as the primary marketing coordinator. As such, the Administrator will oversee the preparation of all worship bulletins, newsletters, and marketing materials, including the gathering of content, formatting, acquiring approval and completing the final production.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

• Represent the Church before governmental and para-governmental councils as necessary.
• Attend monthly HCLC council meetings.
• Attend HCLC volunteer team (Personnel, Youth, Property, etc.) meetings as needed.
• Complete other duties as assigned.


• Desire to work in a Christian environment.
• Demonstrate outstanding communication skills, including sensitivity and responsiveness to spiritual and human needs to others.
• Excellent computer skills, including knowledge of Microsoft Office Products and database software.
• A BA/BS in business, business administration, management, or related disciplines is preferred.
• Previous volunteer relations preferred.
• Previous experience in administration, management, and financial development in religious or non-profit organizations, or equivalent experience.
• Previous supervisory experience.
• Must be able to work independently.
• Advanced training or experience in the following areas are desirable:

o Accounting/estate planning
o Computers/MIS
o Facilities
o Human Resources

Employment with Holy Cross Lutheran Church is on an "at-will" basis. Holy Cross Lutheran Church is an equal opportunity employer. Employment decisions will be based solely on the qualifications for and ability to perform the duties of the position for which employment is sought. Specific Conditions Purpose of Position: The Church Business Administrator (CBA) directs the non-program functions of the church, including six areas of responsibility: financial management, human resources, facility/property management, office administration, media, and MIS (management information system – church membership, reports, etc.). This position is responsible for implementing finance, property, and administrative services programs and policies among the church staff. The CBA also oversees the staff within the media area and is responsible for the oversight, direction and coordination of their responsibilities. The position reports to the Executive Board of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, and is an exempt, full-time position.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church
1300 S Sertoma Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57106