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Office & Volunteer Assistant

Call To Freedom

Sioux Falls, SD

Posted/Updated: 3 days ago

Job Description

Call to Freedom is committed to identifying and responding to the needs of individuals at-risk of or involved in human trafficking and exploitation. The Office and Volunteer Assistant is responsible for carrying out the facilitation and organization of activities to ensure the organization runs efficiently and effectively as well as assisting the Director of Community Engagement with various volunteer onboarding coordination and responsibilities and the Director of Finance. The Office and Volunteer Assistant’s purpose is to coordinate the tasks involved with the overall operations of the agency, assist with technology coordination, and support and assist with other administrative duties related to operations, volunteer work, finance, and human resources.


  • Experience in office operations or related field desired.
  • Knowledge of non-profit agency practices and operations desired.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Flexible, self-directed, and responsive.
  • Understanding of healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Good analytical/critical thinking.
  • Full time 40 hours/week.
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, and Adobe.



  • Primary duty will be to prepare monthly grant drawdowns timely and efficiently.  
  • Assist with the management of daily operational activities.
  • Assist with building needs and utilities.
  • Assist with building and grounds upkeep and maintenance activities for 8th Street office with Empower Campus staff.
  • Assist with security system and emergency preparedness procedures for 8th Street office.
  • Assist with ordering office supplies and the maintenance of office equipment and technology for 8th Street office and onboarding.
  • Assist with sourcing and overseeing contracts and service providers for functions such as security, technology, telecommunications, custodial, buildings and grounds, etc.
  • Assist as client liaison between CTF and Technology Management vendor.
  • Assist as client liaison between CTF and telecommunications vendor.
  • Back-up point of contact for Time Management Systems and new hire training.
  • Assist with coordinating new employee office locations at 8th Street office.
  • Assist with issues that arise with CTF storage facilities.
  • Assist with overseeing policies, procedures, and job descriptions.
  • Assist with Human Resources tasks as assigned.
  • Maintain individuals who submit a volunteer application online.
  • Assist with Neon, our volunteer database.
  • Routinely meet with Director of Community Engagement to assess volunteer needs and address any identified issues.
  • Maintain volunteer hours in TMS, records, and statistical reports.
  • Ensure that volunteers follow CTF background checks and paperwork requirements.
  • Maintain schedule for volunteers.
  • Assist with the volunteer program, including on-boarding paperwork and orientation, scheduling interviews.
  • Follow up with new volunteers that have not completed their application or inactive volunteers via phone call.
  • Send orientation video for new hire and volunteers and follow up.
  • Create and maintain an active spreadsheet containing volunteer information, when they started, their email application, and the email from the Director Community Engagement confirming their application.
  • Other duties as assigned.