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About Us
Some people can't imagine doing what we do.
We can't imagine not doing it.

Who are we? We are Volunteers of America, Dakotas and we have been providing a ministry of service for 88 years with over 400 of the most dedicated, compassionate, capable people you can find. While you may think we are all volunteers, we're not. Instead, we are one of the largest human services organizations in the Dakotas, an organization of full-time professionals and volunteers across the Dakotas. We are teachers, social workers, ministers, nurses, counselors, business professionals; we are different people with different backgrounds. But, all of one mind: to serve those in need by nurturing the human spirit and helping those we serve reach their fullest potential.

While our employees help those we serve reach their fullest potential Volunteers of America, Dakotas helps its employees reach their fullest potential by:

  • Allowing employees every opportunity to make a personal and fulfilling contribution through offering a broad array of services and programs;
  • Hosting development training, seminars, conferences and program initiatives to enable employees to reach their full potential as individuals and workers;
  • Providing the proper tools, resources and materials so employees can reach out to underserved communities and offer many people a second chance at a fulfilling life.
  • Benefits